Yardstick for quality

The refining of metallic materials is today the basis of technological development. Being the most commonly applied refining process, heat treatment is of outstanding importance in this context.

Heat treatment specifically alters properties of metallic materials, making it possible to obtain optimum service properties of these materials for the respective application. Only heat treatment that is adapted to the steel composition, the intended application and the size of the component is capable of optimally exploiting the potential of the tool steel used.

Be it in toolmaking, mechanical engineering, plant construction and automotive engineering, in medical equipment or the aerospace sector: as a result of the increasingly high-quality materials and the steadily growing demands on the workpieces used, the steels generally necessitate highly differentiated refining processes.

The heat treatment of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH specialises in just that. However, we do not just rely on our range of services and the know-how acquired during our history of more than 50 years of heat treatment. The satisfaction of our long-standing customers around the world has top priority for us.