Tool steels – as diverse as your requirements

The solutions realised by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke are as diverse as the requirements customers impose on the right steel grade.

The wide range of tool steels offered by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke displays properties tailored precisely to the respective application, such as economical machinability, high wear resistance, good thermal conductivity and good hardenability, as well as good polishing and texturing properties.

As a specialist for high-grade steels and one of the world's largest producers of tool steel, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke is today in a position to manufacture precisely the steels required for the individual requirements.

The works store regularly has more than 12,000 tonnes of tool steel in stock in some 3,500 different sizes. The products range from wire sizes with a diameter of 5 mm all the way to forged ingots with individual weights in excess of 40t.

The product range of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke comprises four categories of tool steel:

  • Cold work steels
  • Hot work steels
  • Steels for plastic moulding
  • High-speed steels

Our hardening and machining shops in Germany, Asia and North America can handle additional service requirements of our customers.

You can download our tool steel brochures here.

Tool steels

Tool Steel Charts (DIN A1)[GB]
Tool Steel Charts (DIN A3)[GB]
Tool Steel Charts[IT]
Tool Steel - Special steel solutions for every application[GB]
Cold work tool steels and high speed steels[GB]
Hot work tool steels[GB]
Hot work tool steels[IT]
Thermodur XLL EFS[GB]
Thermodur E 40 K Superclean[GB]
Thermodur E 40 K Superclean[CN]
Thermodur E 40 K Superclean[JP]
Thermodur E 40 K Superclean[IT]
Plastic mould steels[GB]
Plastic mold steels for medical applications[GB]
Cryodur 2990[GB]
Cryodur 2990[JP]
Formadur 320 and Formadur 400[GB]
Formadur PH X Superclean[GB]
Formadur PH X Superclean[JP]
The "All-Stainless-Concept"[GB]
Thermodur 2383 Supercool[GB]
Thermodur 2383 Supercool[JP]
Thermodur 2383 Supercool[IT]