Deutsche Edelstahlwerke - The experts for stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels

Our stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels are in demand wherever steel is exposed to the forces of Nature or corrosion (e.g. on drilling rigs or in chemical plants).

They meet the toughest technical requirements, such as extreme resistance to corrosive and mechanical stresses, high strength and elongation values or very high resistance to thermal stress. These steels are a particular focus of our development activities.

Because of their outstanding chemical corrosion and mechanical properties, our stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels are used in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, the food processing industry, power engineering, medical equipment, traffic engineering, the aerospace industry, mining and the onshore and offshore industry.

Our product range encompasses:

  • Standard austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and duplex grades
  • Heat-resistant steels
  • Creep-resistant steels
  • Non-magnetisable steels
  • Valve steels
  • Aerospace steels

Data sheets Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels

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