Ferro-Titanit - Carbide-alloyed materials for maximum stresses

Hardly any other sector places higher demands on materials than motorsports. Only thanks to innovative material developments, such as Ferro-Titanit, can some of the racing engines really get up to speed.

The Ferro-Titanit brand stands for metal-matrix composites manufactured by a powder metallurgy process and is a range of carbide-alloyed materials from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke.

The materials available for tools and wear parts are usually tool steels and cemented carbides. Ferro-Titanit, however, offers an ideal combination of the properties of these two material groups. Depending on application, Ferro-Titanit contains up to 45% titanium carbide, one of the hardest and most resistant carbides. Because of its high wear resistance and low tendency towards cold welding, Ferro-Titanit is particularly used in forming and cutting tools, hydraulic jacks for polymer production, pelletising and granulating cutter blades.

Ferro-Titanit in as-delivered condition can be machined conventionally and vacuum-hardened to up to 70 HRC with minimum distortion.

Outstanding damping properties and a high modulus of elasticity, combined with a low specific weight and high compressive strength, as well as maximum wear resistance, furthermore make Ferro-Titanit the ideal material for high-speed spindles and boring bars, as well as for engine construction in the motor racing sector. For example, piston pins and camshafts made of a grade specifically designed for the purpose are already giving a promising performance in experimental engines. Other highly stressed parts are already a firmly established part of racing engines today.

Ferro-Titanit is an economical solution to many problems and demonstrates its superiority in relation to wear caused by abrasion, erosion, cavitation or corrosion.


  • Metalworking
  • Plastics processing
  • Chemical plants
  • Pumps and fittings
  • Special applications


Schematic "family tree" of the Ferro-Titanit grades.


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