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Product range


 Weight 1-40 t (Tool steel: 0,6-40t)

Continuous casting

square138, 150, 265 mm
flat475 x 340 mm

Semi-finished products

square50 - 320 mm, rising in 1 mm increments


flatWidth: up to 800 mm, thickness: 4-10 mm, length: up to 2000 mm (Engineering steel)
flatWidth: up to 2000 mm, thickness: 2-205 mm (Tool steel)

Bars, hot rolled

round7-250 mm
square50-160 mm
flatWidth: 80-510 mm, Thickness: 24-160 mm, width/thickness-ratio max. 10:1

Wire rod

round5,5-30 mm

Bright steel

round5,0-130 mm

Forged products

round65-1100 mm 
round65-700 mm (Stainless steel)
square50-750 mm
flatSingle piece weight up to 23t
 Open-die forgings, rotation-symmetric forgings forged to shape on request up to 50 t single piece weight 


 Pre-machined rotation-symmetric forgings forged to shape (Engineering steels)
 Pre-machined parts, turned parts, pre-machined moulds, dies and frames to customer specification, Cold rolls 20-750 mm diameter, Mandrels up to 280 mm diameter, length up to 28 m (Tool steels)
 Drill collars up to 280 mm diameter, length up to 10 m, pre-machined rotation-symmetric forgings forged to shape, (Stainless steels)


round, square, flatdifferent sizes acc. to customers specification


All here mentioned products are available in the material groups Engineering steels, Tool steels and Stainless steels. Depending on the material used, dimensional restrictions are possible.