Wind power - one of the most important and environmental-friendly energy sources

Whether as a single wind plant or as offshore wind farms, the generation of electricity from wind power has been promoted for many years and is regarded as one of the most environmental-friendly forms of electricity generation.

By means of wind plants, the energy of the wind is first converted into rotational energy and then into electrical energy which will fed into the power grid. 

Since 2019 wind power has been the most important source of energy in Germany. About 25 % of the German electricity production is based on wind energy. This corresponds to a total power of 132 billion kWh in 2019 alone and further growth is expected. In Germany, an increase of 25 % was recorded compared to the previous year. 

Steel for wind power

The rotor blades of modern wind plants are over a hundred meters long. At full load they rotate at around six meters per second. In gusty winds, they are also subjected to sudden loads. This requires the highest demands on the material of the gears, bearings and fastening elements such as screws and bolts.

Steels from the Wind Portfolio

The steels used in wind plants must combine properties such as high wear resistance and fatigue strength with high toughness and homogeneity.
In addition to the steels 1.6587 for rings, drive and gear parts of wind plants or the higher alloyed 1.3520 for bearings, other special steels are part of the Wind portfolio.

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