The CO2-limits for vehicles are getting down to 95 g/km. In principle there are three ways for the automotive industry to meet the requirements on CO2-reduction:

  • Improvement of engine efficiency by increase injection pressure and/or increase combustion temperature
  • Lightweight component design by removing material without stress by improved design after forging and/or additive manufacturing
  • Lightweight design with improved materials by using high-strength steels and or steels with lower specific weight

Further reducing the weight of vehicles is one of the key challenges for the automotive industry in the next time. After all, less weight means lower CO2 emissions and improved material and resource efficiency.

Changes can also be expected in the aerospace industry. By 2050, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 75% per passenger kilometer. The extreme temperatures and vibrations during flight require highly durableengine and landing gear components. Reducing the weight of individual components also plays an important role in reducing CO2 emissions. At the same time, the components must be high-strength and meet the highest requirements. In order to guarantee the functionality and safety of the aircraft in the future, extremely corrosion-resistant and robust components are required - of course at competitive prices and produced sustainably.

DEW has been successfully meeting these challenges for several years. 

In order to further improve the toughness level and thus the load capacity of the steel, DEW specifically optimizes the alloying design and the process parameters for hot forming and heat treatment. With the high cyclical loads, every smallest inclusion or material defect can lead to component failure. Electro-slag and vacuum-arc remelting ensure the highest cleanliness and homogeneity of mechanical steel properties in highly stressed applications. The performance of the special steel increases, while at the same time enabling a high level of process reliability.


Wolfgang Henstorf
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