Deutsche Edelstahlwerke - The experts for high-grade structural and anti-friction bearing steels

Extreme demands are imposed on the steel when machines and their components are exposed to high, dynamic stresses, such as in the case of gearboxes or ball bearings.

Without high-grade structural steels and anti-friction bearings steels – and particularly the micro-alloyed versions – such high stresses would hardly be feasible, meaning that modern automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and gearbox construction would be inconceivable.

Consequently, our high-performance steels are recommendable whenever the steel is subject to extraordinary requirements, such as maximum purity, surface hardness and fatigue strength.

By exactly adjusting the chemical composition, we achieve optimum processing and service properties, made-to-measure for every application.

Our product range primarily focuses on:

  • Anti-friction bearing steels
  • Spring steels
  • Chain steels
  • Nitriding steels
  • Precipitation-hardening ferritic-perlitic steels
  • Cold upsetting/cold extrusion steels
  • Case-hardening steels
  • Heat-treatable steels

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