Green Steel - CO2 reduction through product innovation in steel

Sustainability can be achieved with optimised raw material procurement, energy efficiency measures and production with renewable energy. But not only that.

DEW is a member of the "Massive Lightweight Construction" initiative, which aims to reduce the weight of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and thus lower fuel consumption. This also means that our products themselves contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.


Bainidur® steels allow a wide process window with regard to temperature control during forging and cooling. The bainitic microstructure and the properties of the component can thus be safely adjusted without additional CO2-emitting heat treatment.

Bainidur® is the ideal solution for heavily loaded parts and at the same time significantly reduces the amount of material used compared with conventional steel, with comparable load values. Bainidur® is also suitable for additive manufacturing.

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Aludur® steels are high-alloy engineering steels. Compared with conventional steels such as 42CrMo4, the high aluminum content in Aludur® allows a reduction in specific weight. Used in automobiles, CO2 emissions can be reduced as a result of the weight reduction.

Blue Steel

The use of steel is also particularly suitable for sustainable technologies such as electromobility, wind power, fuel cells and much more, all to protect our environment. Deutsche Edelstahlwerke combines its steel solutions for these technologies under the Blue Steel portfolio.

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