Green Steel - The future is electric - We already are!

There are different routes of steel production. We exclusively use the electric steel process (melting in an electric arc furnace). Compared to the blast furnace route, the production in the electric arc furnace is more flexible, specialized and environmentally friendly. Our furnaces can be started up or shut down, depending on capacity utilization.

The electric arc furnace uses electrical and chemical energy to melt the scrap and ferroalloys.

During the process, a decisive proportion of the total energy used is converted into thermal energy.


The CO2 emissions from crude steel production in the electric arc furnace are significantly lower than those of the "classic" blast furnace route. In 2018, global steel production emitted an average of 1,680 kg CO2 per ton of crude steel. In the same period, CO2 emissions for one ton of crude steel at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke amounted to 429 kg - this is based on the complete mix of all steel grades produced, from unalloyed to high-alloy. Green Steel: The use of 100% green electricity in DEW steel production reduces CO2 emissions to 107 kg per ton of crude steel.

More simply said: The CO2 emissions of one tonne of Green Steel from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke correspond to a car journey of approx. 750 km.