Green Steel - The path to more sustainability

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke manufactures innovative and recyclable steel products from scrap. This is because steel is one of the few materials that is 100% recyclable - which means that fewer primary raw materials are used and resources are conserved. The use of steel is therefore particularly suitable for green technologies and sustainable products, for the protection of our environment.

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Contributing together to a cleaner world

DEW has been working for years to reduce CO2 emissions in its own production. In recent years, energy consumption in the company has been reduced by almost 100 million KWh/a and thus CO2 emissions by around 30,000 t/a. Various projects, processes and products contribute to this:

  • The future is electric - we already are! Steel production takes place in our electric arc furnace
  • Use of renewable energies = saving of CO2 emissions
  • Optimal recycling and individual scrap concepts, together with our customers
  • Resource efficiency in our processes
  • Innovative products for CO2 avoidance
  • Continuous improvement processes

We at Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

  • work permanently on sustainability issues
  • take care of the recycling of our products
  • have environmentally friendly, resource-saving production
  • facilities and processes for steel manufacture
  • bear product responsibility
  • provide information in all openness on the subject of Green Steel

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