Our special steels for structural and civil engineering

With our convincing and tailor-made steel solutions, our experience and our know-how, we offer a specific and individual realization of the special projects of our customers.

Stability and extraordinary load-bearing capacity must be guaranteed. These steels are used, for example, in tunnel and swimming pool construction. Chloride-containing and aggressive media influence the components and their functionality.

Corrosion resistant to chloride-containing and aggressive media

In addition to the mechanical properties, the corrosion resistance of fastening elements is an important property. Corrosion attacks the reinforcement of buildings and leads to cost-intensive maintenance work. Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has the right solutions for optimized protection against corrosion and reduced damage with a wide range of stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels.

The stainless superaustenitic steel Acidur 4529 is optimally prepared for the high requirements in chloride-containing and aggressive media.

  • high resistance to pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking
  • good combination of strength and toughness

Standard steels for the construction industry are also part of the portfolio from Deutsche Edelstahlwerke. These include Acidur 4404, Acidur 4571 and the duplex steels Acidur 4362 and Acidur 4462.

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