If you want it to go faster – Thermodur 2383 Supercool

Extended tool life and shorter cycle times in production: This is of particular interest for the automotive industry. The demands on tool steels are constantly increasing. Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has the ideal solution or press hardening.


Perfect for press hardening

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke developed the new steel Thermodur 2383 Supercool especially for the press hardening process. The special steel is characterized by an excellent thermal conductivity. This allows to conduct heat from the heated sheet in a controlled manner within a very short time.

The advantages of Thermodur 2383 Supercool

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good through-hardenabilty
  • Best long-time tempering resistance
  • Good high-temperature strength

Other steels suitable for press hardening are also part of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke's produkt portfolio. These include e.g. Thermodur 2367 EFS Superclean and the highly wear-resistant Thermodur 2999 EFS Superclean.

Thermodur 2383 Supercool


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