Steels for oil and gas exploration

New oil and gas deposits are being identified at great depths under the sea. The tools used to explore these deposits are exposed to various rock formations and aggressive media that react with the tools used. Depending on the ambient conditions, special high-strength steels with high corrosion resistance are required.

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers a wide portfolio of steel grades for oil and gas exploration. These include low- and high-alloy engineering steels, ferritic, martensitic, high-alloy austenitic and duplex steels as well as non-mags.

Corrodur 4418 Mod – The special steel for the oil and gas industry

In oil and gas exploration, wellbore fluids often contain acid gases and chlorides. In the worst case, the reaction with the steel used can lead to pitting and stress corrosion cracking.

To avoid restriction or failure of the steel tools, only selected materials are approved by the oil and gas companies.

With Corrodur 4418 Mod (Super 13 Cr), Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers users a material solution whose performance exceeds that of conventional chromium steels such as 1.4006 (AISI 410) and 1.4021 (AISI 420). The special steel is ideal for increasing the service life of completion tools.

Advantages of Corrodur 4418 Mod at a glance

  • High strength (110ksi)
  • Excellent toughness
  • Good resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking
  • NORSOK M650 qualified and Statoil approved steel grade

Corrodur 4418 Mod

Oil- and Gas Exploration


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