If you want to speed up – Thermodur 2383 Supercool

Extended tool life and shorter cycle times in production: This is of particular interest for the molding industry. The demands on tool steels are constantly increasing. Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has the special steel solution.

Best properties for lowest cycle times

Thermodur 2383 Supercool is the tool steel that combines excellent mechanical properties and high wear resistance with very high thermal conductivity. This makes this special steel ideally suitable for application in indirect press hardening, die casting, and injection molding tools.

Thermodur 2383 Supercool, quenched and tempered to 45 HRC, features a significantly higher thermal conductivity compared to conventional hot work tool steels like 1.2343 (H11), 1.2344 (H13), and 1.2367 at similar hardness level. A maximum value of 44 W/ (m K) is reached at 100 °C. A mold insert made of this special steel thus can dissipate heat in a controlled manner within a very short time.

The result: a tool made of Thermodur 2383 Supercool noticeably lowers the cycle times in molding/forming applications thanks to improved heat conductivity.

The advantages of Thermodur 2383 Supercool

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • High wear resistance
  • Good through-hardenabilty
  • Best long-time tempering resistance
  • Good high-temperature strength
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent polishability
  • Good weldability
  • Corrosion behavior comp. to 1.2343 ESR

Thermodur 2383 Supercool


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