Hot work tool steels for die casting

Die casting is one of the most economical production processes in the foundry industry and stands for high dimensional accuracy and uniformity in large series.

Die casting molds and tools must permanently withstand the high stresses in order to enable an economical and permanently high-quality production. However, hot cracks and thermal fatigue in the steel, which inevitably result from the superposition of thermal and mechanical loads, are a risk.

The tool steel used determines the life time of the tool and thus the cost-benefit ratio in production. Due to increasing customer requirements, a tough and permanently reliable solution is required.

Thermodur E 40 K Superclean – The steel solution for highly stressed die casting molds

With the hot work tool steel Thermodur E 40 K Superclean, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers a sustainable and economical solution for the die casting industry.

Thermodur E 40 K Superclean was specially developed for die casting tools that have the highest demands on toughness and wear resistance at elevated temperatures as well as resistance to thermal fatigue. Compared to standard hot work tool steels, Thermodur E 40 K Superclean exhibits an excellent combination of temperature stability and toughness even at higher temperatures. Furthermore Thermodur E 40 K Superclean meets all criteria of the NADCA 207-2018.

These properties make the steel to the first choice for highly stressed die casting and extrusion tools as well as dies.

Advantages of Thermodur E 40 K Superclean at a glance

  • High toughness
  • High high-temperature strength
  • Good insensitivity to hot cracking
  • High hot wear resistance
  • Best homogeneity of microstructure and isotropy of mechanical properties

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