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Specialized Contribution

01 October 2019

Thermodur E40K Superclean - A new steel for die casting

Current publication of an article in the italian journal "Fonderia Pressofusione".

18 June 2018

Alternative to the heat treatment of case hardened steels saves time and resources

Current publication of an article in the journal "Stahl und Eisen".

08 April 2016

Quality needs innovative technologies and safe processes - Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH starts innovative bright steel production


Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has once again reinforced their position as a quality leader in the long specialty steel products segment. After investing approximately € 4.5 m in an additional, innovative bright steel production facility at their location in Hagen, the company is setting new standards in regard to process reliability and flexibility in the production of premium bar. The facilities which began operations in February 2016 consist of a bar-drawing line, two grinding machines and a crack-detection system. State-of-the-art technologies guarantee consistent quality that is reproducible at any time for a total bar length between two and 6.2m and diameters of five to 16 mm.

05 May 2015

NEMAK: great potential for new hot-working steel by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

Leading long-steel producer Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW), the German subsidiary of SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group, has once again added to their delivery range. Since March 2015 the new hot-working steel Thermodur® E 40 K Superclean comes in all dimensions, from 800 x 100 to 800 x 400 mm (machining available on request). "The new material immediately attracted a lot of attention because it delays the formation of hot cracks and thereby significantly increases the life of the tool compared to conventional hot-working steel," explains Hans-Georg Maschetzke, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Sales Manager for tool steel for EU customers.

02 December 2014

Hot cracking? Only at a snail’s pace! Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH with new hot-working steel at Euromold

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has added a new product to its established range of hot-working steel: Thermodur® E 40 K Superclean. The steel is ideal for manufacturing die cast moulds, thanks to improved temperature stability and greater toughness. The steel’s excellent properties and homogenous structure effectively delay the generation and progression of hot cracks even under the extreme conditions in the die casting process and significantly extend the life of the tool.