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11. April 2017

Launch of the plastic mould steel Formadur 400

Precisely shaped and complex geometries – Deutsche Edelstahlwerke presents their new development Formadur 400 for the first time at the Moulding Expo. With this new developed plastic mould steel, the subsidiary of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group sets a technological milestone in the area of surface quality. To achieve best surface finishing this prehardened special steel is characterized by a homogenous microstructure with a hardness range of 365 – 410 HB. Due to this, Formadur 400 offers its outstanding polishability, which in turn considerably improves product quality in plastic injection moulding, for example of splashboards and tailgates.

Plastic products must meet highest requirements regarding accuracy of size and fit in every industry – from moulds for flat-screens to bumpers for the automotive industry. In order to increase the material-related potential, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has developed Formadur 400 that exceeds the previously attainable surface qualities and polishing results. This steel is specially developed as an enhancement of the prehardened standard grades 1.2311 and 1.2738. Formadur 400 is the answer of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke to increasing market requirements in their position as an expert in steel applications for tool and die manufacturing. Thus Formadur 400 is the ideal choice for precise and efficient manufacturing of complex and large-shaped moulds for plastic forming. Furthermore this steel offers good machinability, weldability and an outstanding through hardenability to its core. Due to this, Formadur 400 has a very homogeneous hardness profile of approx. 400 HB across the whole cross section. Consequently, the steel has an excellent polishability and best texturing properties.

For even higher demands for polishability, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers Formadur 400 in electro-slag-remelted condition – Formadur 400 Superclean. The remelting process leads to best polishing results due to an even more homogeneous microstructure. For applications requiring a lower hardness level up to 355 HB, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke is also launching the prehardened plastic mould steel Formadur 320 at Moulding Expo – this material is also available in Superclean condition. With these two plastic mould steels from the Formadur product family, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke guarantees the highest quality for a wide range of tools and plastic products.

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