27. November 2019

Good etching ability of Formadur 400 confirmed

In cooperation with the company Standex International GmbH in Krefeld, texturing property tests were carried out on sample plate inserts made of Formadur 400 for various textured structures from the interior area of cars. Upon successful completion, Standex International GmbH certified that Formadur 400 can be textured according to the standardized procedure.

For optical and practical reasons, numerous plastic mould steels are provided with a surface structure introduced by photochemical etching. These structured surfaces show a better grip, are less sensitive and can imitate natural structures such as leather grain. Consequently, texturability is an important property of plastic mould steels. Formadur 400 is a tool steel that is used in plastics processing with a hardness level of 365 - 410 HB.

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