28. August 2018

Nadcap Heat Treating Re-accreditation for DEW

On 2018/07/23 Deutsche Edelstahlwerke achieved Nadcap heat treatment accreditation for its location in Siegen. For the location in Witten this already succeeded in April.

The Nadcap audit is a stringent audit to criteria determined by industry experts, whose role is also to evaluate each audit for compliance to those criteria. Furthermore the compliance with international standards and/or customer requirements is audited.

Nadcap is an unprecedented, industry managed supply chain oversight program that improves the quality of aerospace related products, by assessing process capability for compliance to industry standards and customer requirements.

Accreditation proves that we are committed to the highest quality.

Further information on Nadcap certification can be found in our interview with Karola Langenbach, Key Account Manager Aerospace, and Jan Lingemann, Specialist Management Systems / Process Optimization.

You can find the interview here.


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