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17. July 2017

New brochure "Cryodur 2990 - The innovative cold work tool steel for sheet metal processing" is available

Although extremely wear-resistant tools for sheet metal processing can be produced from conventional ledeburitic cold work tool steels, one weakness is generally the lack of toughness and thus the risk of tool failure under high stresses. Tool changes and machine stoppages cost time and money.

Therefore, our materials specialists set out to develop a special steel that combines high resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear with great hardness and, above all, greater toughness.

With Cryodur 2990, we can offer you a steel grade with an ideal property profile for sheet metal processing. For all punching, cutting and shearing tools, such as rotary shear blades, punches and dies, progressive dies. Other cold-work applications are also possible (thread rolling, deep drawing ...).

The brochure can be found here.