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13. July 2017

New brochures for Corroplast, Corroplast FM und Formadur PH X Superclean are available

The current tendency in plastic mould manufacturing is to incorporate two mould features – corrosion resistance and the very best in polishablility.

 The trend in plastic mould design is towards moulds which are completely composed of stainless steel. The reasons for this can be found, amongst other things, in their resistance to condensation and cooling water as well as in the increasing proportion of corrosive plastics such as PVC or aminoplasts which corrode tool steel during processing through acid precipitation.

The benefits producers of plastic components obtain by the enhanced utilization of all stainless mould bases at the same time have constituted a disadvantages for mould constructors, on account of the considerable to extreme machining effort necessary to produce all stainless steel grades available to date.

As a result Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, in cooperation with several tool specialists, developed the unique special steels Corroplast / Corroplast FM, which are characterized by unparalleled machinability. The superior benefits of Corroplast / Corroplast FM enable plastics processors to measurably increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of their products with these steels.

In addition to the corrosion resistance, excellent polishability becomes more and more in a shortened manufacturing time. The hardenable high-performance steel Formadur PH X Superclean exceed the high requirements by far. In contrast to the majority of the corrosion resistant steel grades commonly used in mould manufacturing, Formadur PH X Superclean contains a minimum of carbides.

As a result of the material’s homogeneous microstructure, stress-relief annealing after rough machining is unnecessary – a further advantage over conventional steels. Formadur PH X Superclean’s outstanding polishability, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability have set a new standard in the world of plastic mould construction.


Corroplast FM
Formadur PH X Superclean