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26 January 2018

Bainidur 1300 - The special steel for distortion-free and cost-efficient forgings

Bainidur 1300 allows distortion-free and cost-efficient forgings and a process-reliable adjustment of the bainitic microstructure even for large components
(> 60 mm rd.) with consistently high quality.

18 September 2017

Rolling mill Siegen in Virtual-Reality

A traditional industry presents itself in a modern and digital way. With 360 ° Panoramavideos, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke allows you a fascinating insight into the production. Start your virtual tour through the rolling mill Siegen.

06 September 2017

New Tool Steel Charts are available

The wide range of tool steels offered by Deutsche Edelstahlwerke displays properties tailored precisely to the respective application. We summarized the most important tool steel from the categories steels for plastic moulding, hot work tool steels, cold work tool steels, high speed tool steels an PM-steels in simple charts. The tool steel charts are now available on our homepage.

17 July 2017

New brochure "Cryodur 2990 - The innovative cold work tool steel for sheet metal processing" is available

Although extremely wear-resistant tools for sheet metal processing can be produced from conventional ledeburitic cold work tool steels, one weakness is generally the lack of toughness and thus the risk of tool failure under high stresses. Tool changes and machine stoppages cost time and money.

13 July 2017

New brochures for Corroplast, Corroplast FM und Formadur PH X Superclean are available

The current tendency in plastic mould manufacturing is to incorporate two mould features – corrosion resistance and the very best in polishablility.