Crude steel production


At Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, scrap and alloys are melted into specialty steel by means of two electric arc furnaces with charge weights between 120 and 140 tons. During the subsequent metallurgical treatment, the properties of the liquid steel are further refined.


Depending on the steel grade and dimensions desired for the final product, the melted steel is cast in continuous casting or ingot casting procedures. 

  • Vertical continuous casting facility: Continuous casting 475 x 340 mm
  • Circular arc plant: Continuous casting 265 and 138 mm square
  • Ingot casting: 50 different ingot mould formats from 600 kg to 40 t


Deutsche Edelstahlwerke has several remelting units at its command, in which cast, rolled or forged electrodes are used to increase the level of purity, reduce the number of segregations and to develop specialty steels. Different sizes of billets are produced in the process: 

  • Electroslag Remelting (ESR): Billets 400 to 1250 mm in diameter
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR): Billets 305 to 660 mm in diameter


    Production workflow

    Overview diagram of the main production routes.

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