Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2015

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke defined and published the following Environmental Policy Guidelines in a statement of policy:

The environmental policy of our company is based on the principles for sustainable development, as published in the Business Charter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and by the World Steel Association (WSA).

Environmental protection is a priority goal of our corporate policy:
Entrepreneurial decisions are examined as regards their environmental impact. Compliance with statutory regulations on environmental protection is a matter of course. There is a direct connection between environmental protection and economic efficiency. Economic efficiency must be ensured in order to be ecologically successful.

We protect the natural foundations of life:
All interventions in Nature are kept to a minimum. In this context, business success is also intended to serve the protection of the natural environment.

We use environmentally compatible, resource-conserving production facilities and processes:
When developing and operating our facilities, we pay attention to the economical use of energy and raw materials, and to minimisation of burdening impacts on the environment. As far as possible, residual materials and waste are to be avoided, recycled or disposed of safely.

We bear responsibility for our products:
Since they are durable and re-usable, our products are particularly environmentally friendly. Moreover, they are intended to cause the least possible energy consumption when used; this is a guiding principle, even when devising and designing our products.

We see to the recycling of our products:
The responsibility of our company does not end when a product is sold. Closed recycling chains ensure equally high-quality re-use of our end-of-life products.

We improve environmental protection together with our customers:
Together with our customers and suppliers, we look for new solutions for improving environmental protection. Customers can count on us if they encounter environmental protection problems. We offer specialised products and services that help improve the environment.

We search for new approaches:
We devise new ideas and technologies for environmental protection. Scientists and engineers are constantly in search of additional ways of keeping the air and water even cleaner, protecting the soil, using raw materials more economically and using renewable resources.

We participate in joint initiatives:
We cooperate with business associations, environmental protection organisations and state institutions in implementing goals of environmental policy. This also includes subscribing to German industry's declaration of self-commitment to climate protection.

We inform openly:
Deutsche Edelstahlwerke seeks an objective dialogue with government agencies and the public on environmental protection issues. We acknowledge that the provision of rapid and comprehensive information is a debt we owe to an environmentally aware public.

Environmental protection is a task for us all:
Protection of the environment is decisively dependent on each and every individual. All our employees are expected to demonstrate environmental awareness in performing their work. We ensure suitable training appropriate to the sphere of work.


Our Environmental Management System has been audited and certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

You can view the corresponding certificate here.