Students / Graduates

Setting out on a successful professional career is a decisive step that young people should start to prepare while still in education.

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke supports students and graduates in this process by cooperating closely with institutions of higher education in order to gear courses of study to practical requirements and establish contact with the management staff of the future at an early stage.

Each year, numerous students supplement their studies by acquiring practical experience. Our locations in Witten, Krefeld, Siegen and Hagen give them the opportunity to further develop their personal skills and establish contacts that can prove useful when later starting a career.

Practical training

The students receive guidance from instructors and technical experts throughout their practical training. In combination with personal commitment and a willingness to learn, this enables them to get a foot in the door of the working world in good time.

Specialist practical training, project work and undergraduate papers

Shortly before they reach the finishing line on their course, we actively integrate the students into practically relevant projects, giving them an insight into the organisation and work processes of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke. In this way, they become part of a team that views their collaboration as a personal and entrepreneurial enrichment.

Financial support

We endeavour to fairly reward the commitment of our student employees. The remuneration is dependent on the type of practical training, extending all the way to attractive undergraduate and postgraduate salaries. Moreover, the knowledge and skills acquired during practical training can be deepened and expanded in an in-house scholarship programme for metallurgical engineering subjects.


Placement/internship (all types),
dissertation (degree)

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