Dirk Wallesch – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management

Dirk Wallesch, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management, is responsible for the Controlling Department of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH.

Back in 2003, he took charge of the Controlling/Procurement Department of predecessor company Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld GmbH. In July 2005, the Controlling/Procurement Department of Edelstahlwerke Südwestfalen GmbH (the other predecessor company of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke) was added to his responsibilities. Since the merger in 2007, Dirk Wallesch has been in charge of the Controlling Department of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH. His remit includes accounting and finance duties as well as the Purchasing and Information Technology divisions of the company.


After studying Economics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University of Duisburg, Dirk Wallesch began his career in 1984 as personal assistant to the general manager at Peter-Rehme Familienstiftung & Co. He was later appointed Manager of Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting at the company. After holding several positions in Controlling and Corporate Accounting at Siemens AG and Hoesch AG, he was appointed Business Manager of STG Braunsberg GmbH in 1992.

In 1995 he took on the role of Manager of the Finance and Accounting Division of Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld GmbH, before moving to ThyssenKrupp AG in Düsseldorf in April 1999 in order to take the position of Company Secretary in the Central Controlling Division.